3 Key Factors in Selecting a Good Engineering Company

3 Key Factors in Selecting a Good Engineering Company

There are many engineering companies in Singapore, but how do you select the engineering company that best suits your needs as a reliable and trusted partner, especially in the oil and gas, marine and offshore sectors?



Reducing operational costs, maximising uptime and optimising efficiency is key in every client’s mind.


Looking beyond the qualifications which all engineering companies do have, choose a partner that is multi-disciplinary for your turnkey projects. This saves you time from looking for different firms to get your projects running and delivered on time.


Other advantages include rapid response time and cost-effective solutions. With all-rounded support services provided, the engineering company will be able to provide an extensive range of technical and parts support for offshore vessels, platforms and rigs.


Industrial Expertise

Check that the engineering company has a substantial number of years of expertise under its belt. It is also important to make sure that the engineering company is sufficiently staffed with a quality workforce that is skilled, dedicated and experienced.


It is also good to make sure that the company is able to provide consultancy and advisory services for every aspect of the project, from the engineering design, procurement to the commissioning.


It is also good to check whether the engineering company has attained bizSafe Level 4. This shows that the company places strong emphasis on worker safety, and the staff are disciplined on the basics of workplace and off-site safety precautions and measures.


Client Success and Accolades

Ask for their past and current clientele and review their past and current works. If possible, check for any positive or negative reviews. Positive testimonials show that the engineering company is proactive in their engagement with their clients. Therefore, it is very likely this company is result-oriented, able to finish their job timely, delivering quality work and well within budget.


This means you are able to trust this company and engage them for your engineering, procurement and commissioning turnkey projects.

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