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SGIT is dedicated to providing the best lightning protection system for any given application.

A lightning and surge protection system consists of several systems, each tailored to suit the others in the system.

SGIT carefully selects these systems for the application at hand and installs them in coordination and in accordance with country-specific regulations.

A lightning protection system is a combination of lightning rods, down conductors, grounding systems, and surge protection devices designed to safeguard structures and people from the harmful effects of lightning strikes. These systems provide a safe path for lightning to dissipate into the ground, minimizing the risk of damage and ensuring the safety of the structure and its occupants.

A lightning protection zone concept gradually reduces surges to a safe level before they reach the terminal device and cause damage.

Therefore, SGIT works to split an infrastructure’s entire energy network into lightning protection zones. Installed at each transition from one zone to another is a surge arrestor for equipotential bonding.

SGIT offers optimised, standardised lightning protection for all our products which are tested and certified, to fulfil global requirements for internal and external lightning protection.

Earthing & Lightning Protection Audit

The earthing system is designed and engineered to perform safely during earth fault conditions. It is critical that commissioning and routine testing is carried out to ensure that the earthing system performs safely.Our complete solutions for lightning protection services and system installations include:

  • Lightning Risk Assessment & Computation
  • Lightning Audit Management
  • Lightning Protection Method & Calculation
  • Lightning Event Data Collection & Analysis
  • Soil Resistivity Measurement
  • Earth Resistance Measurement
  • Ground Enhancement & Calculation

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