Rig activation and Preservation

SGIT has experienced and qualified rig preservation teams to carry out full preservation on drilling vessels prior to cold stack at anchorage or shipyard.

Preservation covers all main drilling equipment, offshore cranes, jacking system, BOP stack and control system, tanks & pits, piping, pressure vessels, main engines, electrical enclosures, lightings and living quarters etc.

When a transocean rig is inactive for a certain period, it may undergo a reactivation process to prepare it for future drilling operations. Transocean rig reactivation involves a series of steps, including assessment, maintenance, repair, testing, certification, crew training, and commissioning, to bring an idle transocean rig back into active drilling service. This process ensures that the rig is in optimal condition, compliant with regulations, and ready for safe and efficient operations in the oil and gas industry.

We also provide preservation service on equipment at storage yard facilities.

SGIT also provides experienced and qualified rig reactivation teams to carry out de-preservation, inspection, equipment startup and testing as required. We also provide a full set of crew to support your rig reactivation project.

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