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We provide a wide range of electrical and mechanical services for oil and gas, offshore marine and renewable energy industries.

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We have a team of well-qualified and experienced field supervisors and skilled service technicians with many years of field experiences under their belts. They have shown their competencies to perform jobs safely under potentially hazardous environments.

Whether it is the five-yearly inspection, special periodic or ad-hoc inspection and services, we can provide our services with cost efficiency and speedy

SGIT is also awarded as main contractor in the provision of general electrical and mechanical services to Sapura Energy in Asia Pacific and Africa.

Our Capabilities

Offshore Crane And Winches Inspection And Repair

We do inspection and repair of Seatrax, Baker Marine, Favco, LeTourneau and Liebherr offshore cranes.

We have qualified and experienced mechanical and electrical service and repair teams for offshore crane & winch and we are also in partnership with Sea Hercules and Sparrow Offshore.

Hydraulic cylinders repair and overhaul (rod re-chrome, cylinder honing, seals change out)

SGIT undertakes hydraulic cylinders service and repairs from small to large-size projects and we are in partnership with Pirtek Asia for full overhaul jobs.

  • Max length: 5,800mm
  • Max bore: 24 Inch
  • In built HPU: 30HP (30 GPM)
  • Pressure booster: 10,000 Psi
  • Nut buster: 100,000 ft-lb torque
  • Automatic pull apart
  • 10-ton hydraulic lift table
  • Chain vice up to 24-inch cylinder diameter

Process automation system and control panel service and repair

SGIT does service and repair of process automation system from sensors, actuators, valves, tubing, wiring to the control system (PLC, HMI, etc), including programming.

Explosion Proof (Ex) connectors, glands and enclosures inspection and repair

We have experienced, qualified and CompEx certified technicians for inspection and maintenance of explosion proof (Ex) wirings and enclosures.

Centrifugal Pumps Inspection And Repair

SGIT’s mechanical service technicians provide site inspection and repair of all Centrifugal Pumps for mud, water, chemical, fuel applications.

We also supply and integrate new pump with motor and skid as a pump package.

Mud pump power end

SGIT has experienced mechanics for service and repair of National Oilwell, Emsco, Lewco and NOV mud pumps, including change out of bearings, gears and crankshaft.

Replacement parts can either be provided by client or SGIT will arrange and supply the needed parts.

We are also in partnership with Premium Oilfield Technologies for supply of mud pump consumable parts such as:

  • Pistons (normal and high temperature)
  • Piston Rod and Self Aligning Rod.
  • Fluid End Modules
  • Valves, Seats and Seals.
  • Liners (conventional and ceramic “Zirconia”).
  • Liner Retention System

Solar Energy system

SGIT undertakes repair of solar power inverters and supplies and installs full package solar power system for industrial and commercial buildings, including residential homes.

Air Compressor Service And Overhaul

SGIT’s experienced mechanical teams service & repair all industrial and offshore marine air compressors (Reciprocating, Rotary Screw, Axial and Centrifugal types).

Offshore & marine air conditioning service and repair

SGIT provides service & repair of offshore marine air conditioning / HVAC system onsite and we also supply new or reconditioned air conditioning system.

Low, medium and high voltage power switchboards retrofit, service and repairs

SGIT’s experienced and qualified electrical technicians service, repair and retrofit power switchboards onsite.

Replacement parts can be provided by client. Alternatively, SGIT will arrange and supply all the required parts.

AC, DC Motors and Generators

SGIT provides service and repair of industrial AC, DC motors and generators for rewinding and coating to original standard specification, bearing change out, dynamic balancing and load test etc.

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