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What is Variable Frequency Drive: A Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) controls the speed, torque and direction of an AC induction motor. It takes in fixed voltage and frequency AC input, and converts it into a variable voltage and frequency AC output. In other words, VFD is basically a combination of computer and power supply.   […]

Maintenance Of Electrical Motors In The Marine & Offshore Environment

Importance of Motors & Generators in Marine & Offshore Applications As opposed to engine driven propulsion systems of the past, modern ships and vessels are now typically equipped with electrical propulsion systems. This refers to the combination of generators to generate the required power, cabled to the thruster/ propulsion motors which are easily manoeuvrable and […]

Maintenance Of Equipment / Machinery On Marine & Offshore Assets

Importance of Maintenance of Marine & Offshore Assets Investment in health and safety measures are always a priority to marine and offshore companies, especially when the ecosystem is exposed extensively to corrosive environments due to its vulnerable nature. With that being said, corrosion and degradation are pressing issues that continue to challenge marine and offshore […]

Air Sanitization in Offshore Marine Vessels

With the current covid-19 pandemic, it is every cruise operator’s or shipping vessel owner’s nightmare if any staff or passenger onboard the vessel contracts the virus and starts spreading the virus around unknowingly.   Singapore Innovation Technology has the solution to address both old and new issues concerning air quality, filtration and sanitization onboard offshore […]

Critical Factors in Oil Rig and Platform Lighting Systems

Outdoor lighting fixtures have to be able to withstand harsh weather conditions, especially those on oil and platforms which are subject to extreme rain, wind and cold in the open sea.   Bearing in mind that the offshore platform environment can have strong vibrations and high impacts, thereby the choice of lighting must be able […]