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Air Sanitization in Offshore Marine Vessels

With the current covid-19 pandemic, it is every cruise operator’s or shipping vessel owner’s nightmare if any staff or passenger onboard the vessel contracts the virus and starts spreading the virus around unknowingly.   Singapore Innovation Technology has the solution to address both old and new issues concerning air quality, filtration and sanitization onboard offshore […]

Critical Factors in Oil Rig and Platform Lighting Systems

Outdoor lighting fixtures have to be able to withstand harsh weather conditions, especially those on oil and platforms which are subject to extreme rain, wind and cold in the open sea.   Bearing in mind that the offshore platform environment can have strong vibrations and high impacts, thereby the choice of lighting must be able […]

3 Key Factors in Selecting a Good Engineering Company

3 Key Factors in Selecting a Good Engineering Company There are many engineering companies in Singapore, but how do you select the engineering company that best suits your needs as a reliable and trusted partner, especially in the oil and gas, marine and offshore sectors?   Multi-Disciplinary Reducing operational costs, maximising uptime and optimising efficiency […]