Air Sanitization in Offshore Marine Vessels

With the current covid-19 pandemic, it is every cruise operator’s or shipping vessel owner’s nightmare if any staff or passenger onboard the vessel contracts the virus and starts spreading the virus around unknowingly.


Singapore Innovation Technology has the solution to address both old and new issues concerning air quality, filtration and sanitization onboard offshore marine vessels.


The BreathES solution involves AWIONS Generators which inject into ambient air, billions of Reactive Oxidation Species (ROS) per second using Cold Plasma Bi-polar Ionization Technology.


Plasma is the 4th state of matter consisting of a state of ionized gas.


The AWIONS generator is in continuous contact with oxygen and water (humidity) molecules in the ambient air, ensuring 24/7 production of effective ROS.

The gases regroup to form safe and desirable gases already prevalent in our atmosphere.


(H+) and (O2–) ions tend to form hydroxyl radicals (OH). Clusters of (OH) ions surround the coronavirus protein and steal H (hydrogen). 


Once the coronavirus protein spike is damaged, the virus is inactivated and can no longer infect nor replicate in the human cells (even if introduced into the body). 

The end-product of this chain reaction is water (H2O).


SGIT’s BreathES solution is a package of technologies designed to drastically reduce pathogens and contaminants, inside closed spaces, in the air and on surfaces.

  • Advanced filtration
  • Induction UVGI lamps
  • Centralised automation, data collection, remote shore/cloud connection
  • Air monitoring (AQI, PM, VOC, CO2)
  • Bi-Polar cold ionization (ducts and standalone)


BreathES components can be both integrated in the existing A/C systems and provided in stand-alone units to be installed in rooms.


Suggested areas to implement SGIT’s BreathES solution in the Cruise Ship:

  • Main restaurants
  • Deck public places
  • Cabins
  • Gym and other public facilities


Suggested areas to implement SGIT’s BreathES solution in the Cargo Ship:

  • Crew accommodation
  • Dining area
  • Recreational area


Interested to know more about BreathES solution for your marine vessel?


SGIT offers FREE survey and proposal for your asset!


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